Frequently asked questions

Who to call for emergency chemical spills?

For enquiries about rapid spill response service, specialized clean-up activities including confined space cleaning, fire debris removal, laboratory decontamination, asbestos removal and disposal, high pressure cleaning, waste removal, pumping and upliftments, bioremediation of polluted sites, as well as, oil and chemical absorbent products and spill kits

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What is the fuel system?

A system that consists of the fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel injectors or carburettor. This system provides for petrol storage in the vehicle, filters out particles, delivers it to the intake air system and mixes the air and petrol, in the correct ratio, so that there is sufficient combustion in the engine.

What are fuel injectors?

It is the electrically operated valves that inject a fine spray of fuel, in proper metered amounts, into the intake port of the engine. The amount of fuel sprayed into the engine varies with engine temperature, speed, cleanliness and load and is controlled by the vehicles onboard computer.

What is the combustion chamber?

This is the place in the engine between the cylinder head and the top of the piston where the fuel/air mixture is compressed by the piston and ignited by the spark plug.

Why do I need ARAN® Fuel Injector & ARAN® Carburettor Cleaner?

These fuel additives are referred to as “Keep Clean” products and will dissolve harmful deposits that may accumulate in your fuel system. Just as brushing your teeth keeps harmful bacteria from building up on your teeth, Aran Fuel Injector & Aran Carburetor Cleaner help keep harmful deposits from building up in your engine’s fuel intake system, including fuel injectors and carburetors. It is important to keep your fuel system free of deposits in order to maintain maximum performance.

How often should I use fuel additive products?

The ARAN® fuel additive products are individually labelled for dose and treatment intervals. This information can be found on the back or front of labels of the bottle.

What is the treat rate for ARAN®  Fuel Injector Cleaner products?

The ARAN® fuel additive products are individually labelled for proper dosage. This information can be found on the back label of the bottle. Typically, our 375ml product treats between 63 – 94 litres,  cleans & protects inlet valves & injectors from deposits.  Click here for more information on Fuel Injector Cleaner products.

Why do some car manufacturers recommend against the use of fuel additives in my car?

Many car manufacturers state that after-market fuel additives are not necessary even though they sell their own brand of fuel additives. Some after-market fuel additives contain corrosive chemicals that may be harmful to fuel system components or internal engine parts. ARAN® products do not contain any corrosive components such as alcohols and are safe for use in all engines.

Are ARAN®  products safe for diesel engine systems?

ARAN® has specially designed products for diesel engines and has labelled them as diesel products. They have been thoroughly tested in specific diesel applications.

Are ARAN® products safe for four-cycle engines?

The ARAN® fuel additive products are specifically designed for use in four-cycle engines.

Are ARAN® products safe for two-cycle engines?

The ARAN® fuel additive products have not been tested for use in two-cycle engines. Therefore, we do not recommend that they currently be used for two-cycle applications.

What is brake fluid?

Brake fluid is primarily a Glycol Ether with a corrosion inhibitor package. The Glycol Ether must be stable (not boil) when subjected to the heat generated at the brake rotors; the corrosion inhibitor prevents corrosion in the system. The corrosion inhibitors in the brake fluid become depleted over time. Therefore you should keep an eye on it. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the fluid once every 2 years, but we recommend checking your Owner’s Manual to confirm.

Why do I need brake fluid?

The brake system needs this working fluid to transmit pressure to all 4 wheels to apply the brakes. Beyond that it must have a very high boiling point so that it doesn’t boil and turn into vapor at the high temperature at which it must operate. As the brake pads wear the fluid level in the reservoir drops. The fluid level should be checked at every oil change and topped up as needed.

What is power steering fluid?

Power Steering Fluid is a hydraulic fluid used to transmit the power steering pump pressure to the modern steering rack or to the steering box (worm and sector). Minor leaks can cause a drop in the fluid level; therefore the fluid level should be checked and topped up at every oil change. If your power steering system is losing fluid due to worn or shrunken seals you can use ARAN® Power Steering fluid and Stop Leak.

I want to make sure these products are safe on the various surfaces of my car - how can I find out for sure?

While our products are safe for most of your car’s surfaces, it’s smart to be sure before you begin using a product.

How can I protect my dashboard from fading and cracking?

The best protection comes from using a protectant every time you wash your car. UV Dash helps guard against the harmful effects of ozone by protecting against cracking of your tyres and protects against damaging UV rays by preventing fading of your dash.

Why do I need Aran® Octane Booster?

All engines develop combustion chamber deposits that can lead to your engine needing higher-octane gasoline than recommended by the manufacturer to operate efficiently. This concept is known as Octane Requirement Increase; or ORI for short. This can cause the “knocking and pinging” sounds you may hear when accelerating. The problem is that knocking and pinging may not be audible to the driver, due to many modern engines being equipped with knock sensors. These sensors detect knock and adjust the vehicles timing to make it stop. These adjustments lead to a quieter engine, but do come at a cost, since they can result in slower acceleration and poor fuel economy. ARAN® Octane Booster helps remove the power robbing combustion chamber deposits to reduce your engine’s appetite for higher-octane gasoline, reducing knocking and pinging and restoring lost performance.