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Spill Tech is a HAZMAT and pollution control products company with branches throughout South Africa. Besides providing a rapid spill response service, we are involved in specialized clean up activities including confined space cleaning, fire debris removal, laboratory decontamination, asbestos removal and disposal, high pressure cleaning, waste removal, pumping and upliftments, and bioremediation of polluted sites.

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Illegal (break) brake fluid

Illegal Brake Fluid can Break your Braking …

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has placed a total ban on the sale of brake fluid sold under the brand name DARTEX Super Dot 4 and has issued a directive to the manufacturers, Firtz Enterprises, that prevents them from selling the brake fluid. Industry and the public are warned not to use this product.

Read more: SARB media statement

Engine Lubrication

Why It Matters

Your engine is the heart of your car. Keeping your engine properly lubricated reduces friction, heat buildup and wear. This means that good engine lubrication maintenance will help your engine run better and last longer.

How It Works

Proper lubrication of an engine is a complex process. Motor oil must perform many functions under many different operating conditions. The primary functions of oil are listed below:

Engine lubrication

Belts, Hoses & Other Fluids

Why it Matters

Modern cars are complex machines that can perform at their best when they are well-maintained. In this section, we cover basic maintenance practices for: fan belts, hoses and cooling systems, brakes, power steering and manual or automatic transmissions.

How it Works

Fan Belts
Fan Belts use some of the power of the engine to drive external devices such as: water pump, alternator, power steering pump, air conditioner compressor and certain emission control devices.

Hoses and Cooling System
Hoses are used to carry coolant (i.e. antifreeze) to and from the engine and they are a part of the engine’s cooling system. The cooling system is designed to remove excess heat from the engine and to provide engine heat for passenger comfort and windshield defogging. The engine coolant must provide several functions to properly protect your engine year-round:

Belts, hoses & other fluids

Petrol Saving Tips

Driving Habits

How you accelerate can affect your Mileage. Plan trips to avoid any construction or where there’s a great deal of stop-and-go driving. Also, use cruise control on the highway to ensure a consistent speed.

Petrol Flow (Combustion)

Making sure your petrol flow is not blocked is vital to getting the most petrol for your money. Optimal use of your petrol is helped through removal of deposits on your fuel injectors. Deposits have been found to start forming in as few as 1000 km. Studies have shown that deposits can decrease your fuel efficiency by as much as 11 percent. One great way to keep harmful deposits from accumulating in your fuel system is to use a product with Aran Fuel Injector Cleaner or Aran Diesel Fuel conditioner, which contains Jet fuel, regularly when you fill up.

Petrol saving tips

Basic Maintenance of your Vehicle

Protect your investment. A simple, quality program of basic maintenance will help your vehicle run better, last longer and be more fuel efficient. It is easy to do and can help improve your car’s performance and save you money.

Everyone knows how important a quality basic maintenance program is to getting the most out of your vehicle. But, doing it yourself on today’s high-tech cars can often be intimidating. Below is a guide to help you get started doing your own basic vehicle maintenance…

Every time you fill up your tank

  • Check your oil level.
  • Add either Aran Smoke Stop or Aran Oil Treatment into your oil tank to help fight the accumulation of deposits in the fuel system.

Every 10000/15000 kilometres

  • Change your oil and oil filter.
  • Add Aran Oil Treatment to your oil system.
  • Clean your fuel injectors with Aran Fuel Injector Cleaner.
  • Check your fan belt.
  • Check your hose and cooling system preferably when system is cold.  Once is has reached operating temperature, if pressure is released on a hot cooling system pressure will be lost and cannot be regained until system is totally cooled down. If not done this way it can cause further overheating.  As the system is designed to operate at manufacturers recommended pressure.
  • When cooled down top-up with Aran Antifreeze/Summer coolant ready premixed.
  • Check your brake fluid add Aran Brake Fluid, if necessary.
  • Check your power steering and add Aran power steering treatment.
  • Check your transmission and add Aran Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Every two years

  • Change your Antifreeze in your cooling system by flushing out full system with Aran Radiator Flush make sure all  flush is out the system and then add Aran Antifreeze/Summer coolant at a minimum treat rate of 25% as the additive is designed to stop rust and corrosion and is guaranteed for 18 months. 
  • Change your brake Fluid.
  • Change your spark plugs.
  • Change your fuel filter.
  • Change your air filter.

Note: The above basic maintenance program provides general guidelines on servicing a vehicle. As always, refer to your owner’s manual.