Carb & Fuel Injector Cleaner

Carburettor Cleaner has been designed to be used for interior & exterior of the vehicles carburettor.  It is specifically made to remove varnish, dirt and gunk build-up, grease, varnish, sludge & gum quickly & easily.  If used regularly it will keep the carburettor clean & fuel-efficient. Helps improve the vehicles kilometre outage and improves vehicle performance. Clean as often as possible to prevent buildup and keeps the engine run smoothly. if used on a regular basis, will help keep injectors, intake valves, fuel system, port and PCV system clean.

Fuel Injector & Carburettor Cleaner can reduce exhaust emissions, which improves gas mileage, power and performance. It also helps eliminate hesitation, rough idling, engine knock and ping. Safe for all types of petrol engines including oxygenated engines. Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.  A carburettor is a part in an internal combustion engine that controls the mixture of air with the gasoline, a carburettor atomises gasoline. In automobiles, carburettors have mostly been replaced by fuel injection systems due to the introduction of catalytic converters in order to alleviate air pollution. Carburettors are still commonly used in small engines like those used in lawn mowers.

Sizes: 200Ml & 400Ml






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